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SP Ventures: ESG & Impact Report

At SP Ventures, ESG & Impact have always been key ingredients in our motivation and decision-making processes. However, as leaders in the Latin American agfood ecosystem, we felt the responsibility to actively drive this agenda.

We adopted a collaborative approach by diagnosing each investee and co-developing individual strategies that sustainably scale impact & ESG observance. From talent acquisition to deal making and value creation, every step is an opportunity to reinforce our core values.

We are extraordinarily proud of what our entrepreneurs represent and accomplish. Their creed is one of responsible business building where they employ technology, risk-taking and talent to solve societies’ most pressing challenges.

As evidence of this work, we publish our first ESG and Impact Report. We share our journey and methodology to heighten the theme within our portfolio and showcase how we embraced our role as disseminators of best ESG practices. We also provide clarity on the impact entrepreneurship & innovation have on the transformation of our food system by sharing an overview of each portfolio company.

We are committed to dedicating our resources to improve the way we analyze, measure, and catalyze impact. We will continue to evolve.

Click HERE to access our ESG and Impact Report!

Juliana De Podestá

Juliana De Podestá is Head of ESG & Impact, at SP Ventures, São Paulo, Brazil.

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