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Meet our Associate: Rebecca Aguiar

Why did you specialize in the agro and food sectors, and when did you start?

Since the decision of which undergraduate course to pursue to the choice of the places I've worked, I have always made very intentional decisions based on what matters most to me. Due to everything I experienced in my childhood, one of my main life goals is to make an impact on the lives of thousands of people. I see entrepreneurship and the agri-food sector as a means to achieve this goal. I believe we are facing a delicate situation regarding food security, and as the population continues to grow, we need to find ways to increase productivity in food production. I believe that agfoodtechs play, and will increasingly play, a crucial role in this regard. Furthermore, we cannot deny the contribution that the agricultural sector, especially in Latin America, makes in combating climate change, which I also consider to be a very important cause that will impact the lives of thousands of people.

What is your perspective on professional development opportunities through agribusiness education?

I believe that the agribusiness education market is highly promising and is poised for even further growth in the coming years. This is primarily due to the current shortage of qualified professionals in the market, a lack of technical and behavioral skills, and the challenges that companies face when expanding their teams. Looking ahead, we anticipate a significant number of job opportunities emerging, but at the same time, there remains a shortage of qualified professionals to fill these positions. Additionally, we are witnessing a growing demand for continued education courses among agronomists who seek to enhance their knowledge after graduating.

How do the companies in SP Ventures' portfolio assist professionals in the agricultural sector in their development?

To seize this opportunity, we've invested in Agroadvance. This company is offering a variety of course models designed to serve both corporations (B2B) and individual consumers (B2C).

We believe that Agroadvance has been doing an excellent job in assembling a team of highly qualified professionals who have developed products that are capturing a diverse market segment, ranging from agronomists to the emerging generation of agribusiness industry managers. The growth in their course sales has been nothing short of surprising to us.

Do you have a personal quote that guides your life?

I have a quote that I rely on for many of the decisions I need to make, both in my professional and personal life: 'You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

Do you have any hobbies that bring you joy?

For me, it's running and reading. I've been dedicated to both for years, and I can honestly say they're like therapy to me. I also value my sessions with a psychologist, which I practice and highly recommend. 😄

Interview conducted with Rebecca Aguiar

Rebecca Aguiar is an Associate at SP Ventures, São Paulo, Brazil.

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