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ESG Journey and Impact Generation

We are an early-stage venture investor that seek financial return and believes that this return may and should come accompanied by responsible care and value creation to society.


In our inaugural ESG and Impact Report, we proudly reaffirm our commitment to promoting our values & ESG standards as the leading agfood tech investor in Latin America. The report outlines our methodology for guiding investees on their entrepreneurial ESG journey and highlights the amazing scale in impact we have achieved so far in creating a low-carbon, climate-resilient, socially responsible and fair agfood value chain.

Our achievements are the result of the risk-taking culture hard work our entrepreneurs deliver.

Foto esg report 2022 eng.jpeg

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our ESG and Impact Report!

We believe that the business model, the culture and the company values are molded in its first years of development, therefore, as a Venture Capital management, we have an important role in this journey. We not only have the responsibility of selecting investments with the impact vision that we want to generate, but also the duty of collaborate with the values formation, guaranteeing responsible care and alignment with ESG criteria..

Looking carefully to the context that our thesis belongs, we consider as impacts priorities:

  • Fight climate changes

  • Sustainable land use

  • Empowering of farmers 

  • Food safety

  • Traceability at the food chain 

  • Fight food waste

In addition, we embrace our role in the development of the ESG pillars within our portfolio. We work to guide each one of our companies at the construction of their own journey, collaborating with issues such as governance, impact measurement and transparency.

Access our complete Manisfest to get to know more about our acting.

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