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Meet our Analyst: Ana Soffiatti

1. Why did you specialize in the agro and food sectors, and when did you start?

Growing up in a city surrounded by agribusiness and having a family deeply involved in the sector, I've always had exposure to it. However, my genuine interest in understanding and delving deeper into this field only emerged during college when I joined a student league focused on studying and developing projects with agribusiness companies. Since then, I've discovered my enthusiasm for agro and how to enhance it in various ways: farm management, productivity, input distribution, credit access, traceability, industry processes, and all the other existing procedures, especially those currently being developed!

2. How do you view the AI revolution in the Agtech sector?

AI's potential applications are poised to offer farmers tools that can optimize resource utilization, increase productivity, and mitigate vulnerabilities associated with climate change and pests. This wave of AI-powered technologies will significantly impact small-scale farmers, streamlining their daily tasks and expanding their access to credit. As a result, this will instigate a transformation in supply chain logistics efficiency, ensuring food product traceability and safety. With AI's continuous evolution alongside advancements in robotics and data analytics, it will mark the dawn of a fresh agricultural era. This era will address global food security challenges while also mitigating environmental consequences and ensuring equitable access to agricultural innovations.

3. Can you explain the companies in SP Ventures' portfolio that utilize AI in their models?

SP Ventures has companies in its portfolio that incorporate AI into their business models, including Zoomagri and Traive.

The first one is a hardware-operated system that employs computer vision and machine learning, utilizing AI as a core component to revolutionize the agricultural supply chain by analyzing the quality and varieties of crops such as barley, wheat, soy, and corn.

Traive, on the other hand, is an AI-based risk analysis platform that aids decision-making in selecting the best partners and strategies for the credit application process. Both of these companies are striving to transform agribusiness reality into something simpler, more accurate, and productive.

4. Do you have a personal quote that you live by?

My favorite quote is, in my opinion, both simple and intricate:"We are the results of our own contradictions."

5. Are there any hobbies that make you feel good?

To make the most of my free time, I genuinely enjoy hanging out with my friends, going for a run on a beautiful day, or indulging in a movie session with my family.

Interview conducted with Ana Soffiatti

Ana Soffiatti is Analyst at SP Ventures, São Paulo, Brazil.

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