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Meet our Partner: Ariadne Caballero

Atualizado: 25 de mai. de 2023

1. Why did you specialize in the agro and food sectors, and when did you start?

I never intended to specialize in agriculture. I always believed my true calling was in the financial sector. But a small experience before graduating changed everything. I started working at an SME incubator, and I was thrown by chance in the ag sector. I had the opportunity to work with dairy cooperatives, cactus growers, cacao growers, and I just loved it! I even assisted Carrefour in selecting their first organic product in Mexico—enters cactus, of course!

Seeing firsthand the extent of the problems in the food supply chain was a real eye-opening experience. And It really bothered me that those responsible for growing our food were sometimes on the wrong side of the story.

So, a few years later after working in capital markets, I switched industries with the goal of driving some kind of change from within. Today, I have the chance to combine my passion for agriculture and VC… hopefully making a positive impact.

2. How do you view Climate Ag Tech Investing?

Investing in Climate Ag Tech is crucial for addressing climate change. And the agricultural system, as one of the main contributors, is full of flaws and inefficiencies that need to be addressed.

So By investing in sustainable practices and efficiencies along the full value chain, we can tackle these challenges directly. It improves agricultural productivity and promotes eco-friendly practices.

I see Climate Ag investing as a win-win-win. It supports sustainable agriculture, brings better economic returns, and has a huge impact on communities. This is great news for investors, as it creates a healthier value chain and great financial returns.

3. How does MOSS approach the climate industry?

Companies globally strive for zero carbon emissions. MOSS addresses uncertainties in the unregulated sector using technology to bring clarity and bridge gaps. They are creating a more fair and transparent carbon credit system. MOSS is an important piece of a more responsible approach to carbon mitigation, specially with all the challenges that the industry is facing now.

4. What readings do you recommend to understand more about the climate industry?

I loved "Windfall: The Booming Business of Global Warming" by Mckenzie Funk. It takes a look at greenwashing and the economic aspects of climate change. I think is important for entrepreneurs, companies and investors to be aware and learn to separate real from story telling.

Also, I loved the documentary "The Year Earth Changed," it is very interesting to watch the environmental benefits during the global lockdown. It really makes you think about our power to change things.

5. A quote that you live by.

I'm not much for quotes, but I appreciate the simplicity of physics: "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction." It reminds me to work hard, enjoy the journey, and treat others with respect. Oh! And my grandmother always tells me “slow down that you need to go fast” … something about Napoleon.. but I always remember this when I have something important to tackle.

Interview conducted with Ariadne Caballero

Ariadne Caballero is Partner at SP Ventures, São Paulo, Brazil.

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