The challenges facing our world – climate change, scarce natural resources, and growing inequality – require new approaches today. 


SP Ventures investment strategies combine financial return expectations with social and environmental impact, and the risk associated with both.

We envision a new economy, one that is both socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable.

We help investors to preserve and grow their wealth by investing responsibly & our entrepreneurs to build, growth and excel their businesses. 

We respect the confidentiality and trust that entrepreneurs consign on us.

We believe that responsible investment can not only deliver sustainable, long-term value for clients but that it can also make a positive impact on society.

We are committed to applying the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity in our business activities in Latin America. 

We back intrepid entrepreneurs reinventing the AgFood Value Chain. 

AG Ventures II

The Ag Ventures II Fund focuses on investing in companies that improve efficiency in the
Farm to Fork Value Chain, by increasing productivity and life quality for agricultural producers, by promoting responsible usage of inputs, by facilitating distribution of inputs and by promoting a more sustainable system overall. 

The companies invested by AgVentures II generate direct impact, through entrepreneurship, technology and innovative business models, and follow SPVentures’ environmental impact indicators:

Food production deforestation mitigation

Energy use and management

Healthy Life and welfare

Land use and Management

Input use and management

Green House
Gas Emissions

Water use and management

Chemical use and pollutants emissions

We invest with conviction in great entrepreneurs. We support men and women in their journeys by connecting them with our network, helping them find great talent for their teams and constantly stimulating them to make their vision a reality.

— Rafael Coelho, Agronow

"SP Ventures has a very close relationship with the company, participating in several important stages in the course of our growth. Having been crucial in both times of capturing the company, both with networking and in the entire process of receiving capital."




We back technology-based companies in the segments of Agriculture, Biotech and Food technology:

  • Biological Control for Integrated pest management

  • New Microbes

  • Plant Genetics and New Traits

  • Technology integrated solutions for increasing farm efficiency (Management, AI, Telemetry)

  •  E-Trading & Marketplaces

  • Ag Fintechs

  • Alternative Proteins & Novel Ingredients

  • Nex Gen - Indoor Farming

  • Food Safety & Traceability

We are looking for the best teams and opportunities to transform the ecosystem:

  •  Passionate entrepreneurs with solid technical background
    and market-orientated attitude

  • Proprietary technology with high scalability potential

  • Large proportions targeted-market

  • Latin America based

Got what it takes?


Latam entrepreneurial ecosystem is experiencing a very promising scenario, stimulated by a new generation of entrepreneurs, increasingly aligned with actual market needs.

Acquiring shareholding in emerging companies is a great opportunity to diversify assets, especially when you want to increase the potential return of an investment portfolio.


  • We are hands-on investors and seek representation on the board of directors of our portfolio companies.

  • We will invest in Seed through Series A companies, and our initial investment size depends on the stage of the company.

Be part of a select group of investors who are pioneering in the evolving Latam Venture Capital Industry.


Send an email to contato@spventures.com.br and receive more information about investment opportunities.​


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