We back the
out-of-the-box thinkers...
people daring to reinvent
the AgFood value chain.


We are deeply moved by the challenges facing our world… climate change, dwindling natural resources & growing inequality are some of the problems that keep us up at night.


We believe those challenges require new approaches TODAY, and they will come from driven smart and passionate individuals... 

We partner with founders to build and grow kick-ass businesses. 

We provide alternative points of view, we challenge, we set ambitious targets and we are available around the clock to help them get there. 

We support those that choose not to complain but instead act to challenge the status quo… those that imagine and create something different.

We envision a new economy, one that creates wealth and is also socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable.  

We believe that great investments deliver sustainable value by making a positive impact
in our world. 

We are SP Ventures, an expertise-driven team, investing in what we know best.

We are an early-stage fund investing in tech powered solutions for agriculture and food across Latam.

What we invest in:

Companies that improve efficiency in the Farm to Fork Value Chain.

Food production and deforestation mitigation

Energy use and management

Healthy Life
and welfare

Land use and

Input use and management

Green House
Gas Emissions

Water use and management

Chemical use and pollutants emissions





We back those entrepreneurs passionate about changing the standard. We support men and women in their journeys by connecting them with our network, helping them find the right talent for their organizations while constantly stimulating them to transform
their vision into reality.



"SP Ventures has a very close relationship with the company, participating in several important stages in the course of our growth. Having been crucial in both times of capturing the company, both with networking and in the entire process of receiving capital."

— Rafael Coelho, Agronow

"From the first contact with SP Ventures, we had a feeling that in addition to a fund, we would have a partner. Such a partner who believes in the vision of the entrepreneurs in which they invest, but never failed to make constructive criticisms or challenges based on their experience."

 Geraldo Maia, PinkFarms —  

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"SP Ventures played a fundamental role in our purpose of making a beef cattle chain more efficient and sustainable, through digital technologies. Knowledge of the market Agro, Networking and HandsOn resume a successful partnership and help us to optimize the results of company".

— Xisto Alves, JetBov

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What is being said about SP Ventures


Francisco Jardim

Managing partner

Felipe Guth


Alexandre Stephan


Ariadne Caballero


Filipe Lobão de Almeida


Murillo Vallota

ESG Expert

Renata Fernandes
Office manager


We are very excited to learn more about you.

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